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About this Wiki

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Purpose of the  HIV/AIDS PBWiki


This PBWiki is dedicated to all employees of the City of Cape Town to share knowledge about the HIV/AIDS in the City of Cape Town work place.It is to provide information of how HIV is transmitted, how an individual becomes infected, and how to prevent infection. It encompasses all modes policies and medical benefits from the City of Cape Town and South Africa as a whole. This will enable the employees to know their rights and their organisation culture. The Wiki also have a link to the glossary of HIV/AIDS. The Red Ribbon symbol in one of the [ages of this wiki is designed to show concern for our brothers and sisters who were also workers, who became infected with AIDS and HIV related diseases.The wearing of the Red Ribbon also indicates our disgust and abject horror at the negligence of governments and health organizations to act promtly when this disease was first encounterd in the 1980's. This pbwiki is also designed to be a platform for all HIV/AIDS PEER Educators to interact so that the share some new innovations, solutions and barriers even if they are in different geographical areas. Front Page  





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