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HIV and AIDS in a work place

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HIV/AIDS in a workplace Document Repository


HIV/AIDS affects millions of South Africans from all walks of life, including people in the workplace. There are a number of laws and guidelines relating to people who have HIV/AIDS in the workplace. The most important of these is that an HIV positive employee has the same rights and duties as other employees.  They cannot be treated differently to other employees by employers or by co-workers. An employee cannot be fired, retrenched or refused a job simply because they are HIV positive. HIV positive employees are also entitled to the same training, development and promotion opportunities as any other employee. No employer can require that a job applicant have an HIV test before they are employed. There is a small risk that HIV can be transmitted accidentally through contact with infected blood. It is important:

  • that all blood is treated as possibly infected
  • that first aid kits which include protective gloves and other devices are available in the workplace
  • that employees are trained to prevent HIV transmission when helping an injured person.

There are many positive steps employees can take to deal with the HIV/AIDS epidemic. These include 

  • developing a workplace policy on HIV/AIDS

  • negotiating benefits such as medical aid, insurance, retirement benefits and disability cover in the intersts of all employees.

  • Developing a workplace programme that includes awareness campaigns, condom distribution, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and care for HIV-positive staff members. 

    -positive staff members. 

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1. Managing HIV and AIDS in a work place

    Managing HIV and AIDS IN THE WORKPLACE.pdf


 HIV and AIDS in the workplace.pdf





 Managing HIV.AIDS in the workplace

2. HIV/AIDS policies






 Legal issues impacting HIVand AIDS.pdf





 All you need to know about policies


Legal issues in HIV/AIDS


The unions and the HIV/Aids epedemic

2.2.1.Bill of Rights


2.2.2, Labour Relations


2.2.3.Employment Equity


2.2.4. Basic Conditions of Employment Act


2.2.5Occupational Health & Safety Act

 www.info.gov.za/documents/constitution/1996/96cons2.htm - 61k - Bill of Rights



www.labour.gov.za/programmes/programme_display.jsp?programme_id=2671 - 35k - Labour relations act


www.southafrica.info/business/investing/regulations/employmentequity.htm - 25k - Employment equity Act



www.labour.gov.za/legislation/legislation_display.jsp?id=5538 - 26k - Basic conditions act of Employment Act



www.labour.gov.za/programmes/programme_display.jsp?programme_id=2673 - 44k - Occupational health & safety Act




 These are all the policy documents relevant to every employee in the work place
2.3. Role of HIV/AIDS Peer Educator









 The difference that peer Educators can make in a work place.




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