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I am Ncumisa Mfazo Senior Librarian of Lwandle Public library. I started working for the City of Cape Town in 1999 as an assistant librarian at Weltevreden Library. I am people's person with interest in knowldge management field at heart. My interests lie on sharing knowledge, best practices that can help the Peer Educator's to be the best that they can be in helping all the City of Cape Town employees. I graduated B.Bibl degree at the University of the Western Cape and I am currently pursuing my masters degree in the same field. I am working under the Community Development in Library and Information  Services Department. My job duties include the following:

  • To direct and control the key perfomance indicators and outcomes of ongoing pesonnel within the library.
  • to direct and report on routine operational requirements of the library
  • provide and controls a comprehensive and efficient public library service, ongiong to the community
  • Develop and manage relationships and partnerships pertaining to the library
  • Manage implementation and maintenance of procedures and systems associated with the efficient and effective of the library Front Page 

About Ncumisa Mfazo

 Contact Info:

23 Krisnic Avenue


Mitchell's Plain


Blog: http://nntriza9467548.blogspot.com

Website: http://pbwiki.com

 E-mail: 9467548@uwc.ac.za


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