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The Importance of Sharing Knowledge

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The importance of sharing HIV/AIDS Knowledge


Knowledge needs to be shared across geographical limitations. Knowledge needs to be shared voluntaryly by all people. This will help to make the work processes very easy and those who are performing certain task to excel. In knowledge management all speak of rule of thumbs which are heuristic in nature. Front Page

The Importance of Sharing Document Respository


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3. The importance of sharing knowledge


 Knowledge sharing importance.pdf

 Knowledge Sharing initiative.pdf


 Data miming and HIV andAIDS.pdf

The value of sharing knowledge.


The use of data mining technique in the sharing of knowledge 

3.1. Organisational Managers




 These are the documents that can be used by managers
3.2. Stigma Associated with HIV/AIDS




 Documents contain the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS
3.3 HIV/AIDS Trainings




 Trainings that can be offered in a workplace on HIV/AIDS 
3.4. HIV/AIDS Awareness



Work place has to create the awareness


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